FiFish underwater drone is set for the depths

FiFish underwater drone

It’s too cold from where I’m typing, but I guess if the weather permits it, it might be a cool idea to chill out while swimming alongside an underwater drone. Nowadays, there are more such drones on the market than most of us realize – recent examples include the BIKI and Gladius – and this is the latest entry on the market.

The 4K-shooting FiFish P3 packs three thrusters that enable it to dive as deep as 100 meters (328 ft), linked to the operator by an electrical umbilical cable – a dual-joystick-style controller will take care of the navigation.

FiFish Drone

The operator’s smart device makes use of a dedicated app to display a live video feed from the craft’s camera – recorded in 4K/30fps and streamed at 1080p/25fps. Everything is made possible thanks to a 1-inch 20-megapixel Sony CMOS sensor, an F2.8 lens with a wide 162-degree field of view, and dual LED spotlights.

Considering the two-hour battery life, allow me to declare myself impressed – there is plenty of power usage there, which is to say the manufacturer has really come through for us. The team at Qysea has yet to disclose any information regarding pricing. Dive, dive!

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New Underwater Drone - FiFish

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