The Halo Balloon Drone Takes It Further

Balloon Drone

There is a fresh generation of drones is being used to shoot footage used in movie and television productions. Quiet and packing a digital camera specifically designed to film in enclosed spaces, the Halo is powered by helium. Developed by Spacial, a Brooklyn-based start-up, the drone resembles a weather balloon.

Far from it. The helium-filled device is not sleek, compact, or fast, but it will invade the glamorous world of Hollywood filmmaking and help us enjoy breathtaking aerial shots. 

According to Alex Chatham, Spacial co-founder, this digital cloud – not to be confused with Google Drive or similar projects – is ideal for safely filming sporting events, concerts and ceremonies.

With minimal background noise and no risk of crashing into walls or other objects, this thing could actually be what movie makers were dreaming about. No electric motors or battery pack worth worrying about, although helium is known to be quite explosive, in a bad way.

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Windy environments might also ruin a director’s day, but things are bound to improve over time. Still, it would be safe to remember the Hindenburg from time to time.

2 thoughts on “The Halo Balloon Drone Takes It Further”

  1. emery chandler says:

    Helium is not explosive. Hydrogen is, that’s what was used on the Hindenburg. The only thing bad about Helium is leak rate and cost. Do better research!

    1. neo says:

      Thank you for the lesson. I will remember to pass future texts by you, for approval; in the meantime, I can’t help but notice you did not get the point. 1. Helium is explosive when pressurized, and I can’t anticipate what comes next in the land of drones and 2. The comparison was made to make my point obvious, which was I don’t consider such ideas safe or practical. Your humble friend, Pinky.

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