iRobotics Are Optimistic About Their Drone


A Japanese start-up has accepted an epic challenge, specifically a drone race from Tokyo to San Francisco. Would you believe that? You’d better since this is about to become reality. Requiring AI, flight-control software, sensors and some serious battery packages, this drone will surely change the status quo. Following serious work and quite a bit of madness, CEO of iRobotics Yoshiyasu Ando is optimistic.

This unique event is set to take place before the end of 2018, which means the required technologies are currently under development and might get you playing with a new and sophisticated generation of drones the very same year. The challenge set by iRobotics is incredible; companies are busy improving drone technology like better batteries, adding AI systems and even blockchain systems, but there is still room for improvement.

The iRobotics concept is set to fly high above, with the two-meter wide drone set to cost around $100,000. Racing drones 8,000 kilometers across the Pacific Ocean is not easy – here’s hoping there’s a cash prize at the finish line, right? Throughout history, competitions have pushed us to move forward, reinvent ourselves and evolve – who said ego doesn’t have a positive side? If we’re lucky, this particular event will have us excited in a year or so. Feel free to make any wish you’d like!

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