LeveTop Puts Folding Drones In Their Place

LeveTop drone

Quadcopters may sound like fun and even act in such a way at times, but I think we can all agree that they are difficult when it comes to transportation or mobility. This is why recent developments have allowed for foldable drones to enter our lives, but things may sometimes change their direction. Enter the LeveTop, a concept that will make drones take the form of a cylinder when not in use.

In its compact form, the LeveTop can be stuffed in an optional carrying case or carried around like a thermos. Time for fun> No worries, as this thing will pull out its arms and the dedicated app will allow the pilot to keep things under control. With a range of up to 100 m (328 feet), either using onscreen controls or by tilting the smartphone, this thing will autonomously follow its pilot and fly within set geographical boundaries. Are you impressed yet?


An onboard MicroSD card will store video shots, or you could always go for the live stream via a stabilized 1080p/30fps CMOS camera. Speaking of flying, the removable 1,500-mAh lithium-polymer battery is good for about 20 minutes – in theory.

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LeveTop Folding Drone

Flying, per say, might prove to be tricky considering the vertical shape of this machine; the same might prove to be true about landing. Feel free to find out more via Kickstarter, where a pledge of US$129 will get you your very own drone. Feel free to expect a $289 retail price.

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  1. Bovril says:

    ‘per say’?
    Poor effort. Trying to sound clever and failing big time.

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