Mercedes-Benz Will Get You Up There

Mercedes-Benz, manufacturer all of sorts of cool and appreciated vehicles, has decided to shift direction. The company has been testing drones and uses them to ship everyday items like ground coffee and cell phones. Strategically placed vans in Zurich were part of the strategy, and it would seem more surprises are on the way.

According to official wor,d 50 individual customers placed orders with Swiss online shopping platform Siroop, after which the drones flew as far as 17 kilometers (11 miles) to land on the roofs of specially adapted Mercedes-Benz Vito vans. – a van prototype featuring a suite of onboard systems like digital sorting equipment.

One after another, each drone handled its business properly. U.S. company Matternet was involved in the development process of these drones, with Daimler having announced that a 500-million-euro ($597 million) budget was set to speed delivery times for online orders by making use of drones.

It would seem odd that a car manufacturer would be involved with a project that completely avoids traffic and makes home delivery obsolete..

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However, it is worth mentioning that the project’s future will be decided by regulation and further research and development in the field. Buying a Mercedes will mean a completely different thing in the near future.

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