The Naviator Rules The World

Naviator underwater drone

Underwater drones have made quite an impression this year, with more than one such impressive product reaching the market and your neighbor’s pool. But none of those drones can fly – that sounds odd, right?

It does, but a flying machine that could dive for your keys will most probably make your day and rule the world – at least, that’s exactly what the Naviator was designed to do.

The concept of a vehicle that can fly in the air and swim underwater is not new; Jules Verne imagined such an incredible machine many years ago. The Naviator drone would have made him smile, although this device will likely be used in search and rescue efforts, bridge inspections, ship and port inspections and so on.

You might not know that the drone has already put through some tests; back in June, it performed an underwater bridge inspection at the Delaware Memorial Bridge Twin Spans.

Inspections are shaping up to be the most common use case for drones, with recent research revealing that 30 percent of the commercial drone market might take up such jobs by 2020.

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Underwater Drone - Naviator

The Applied Fluids Lab at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey, is responsible for this submersible drone. Part submarine, part aircraft,  this thing i as agile under water as it is in the air.

The Naviator is funded by a grant from the Office of Naval Research, which means it might be used for important purposes quite soon. Looking similar to a traditional quadcopter, although packing eight propellers, the Naviator is ready for action.

Check it out!

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