Prodrone Grabs Our Attention – Literally

Prodrone, Japan’s leading commercial and industrial drone maker, has unveiled its new PD6B-AW-ARM model and it’s definitely an attention-grabber. Complete with two internally developed robotic arms, this thing will easily carry out a wide variety of tasks or simply carry something around from point A to point B – and more.

Jokes aside, this drone features a giant pair of grasping arms that allows it to resemble the robotic birds of prey some Sci-Fi movies have scared you with. Prodrone’s new creation is able to carry payloads of up to 22 pounds, cutting cables, turning dials, flicking switches, dropping lifesaving buoys, and retrieving hazardous materials. How cool is  that?

There is no word yet on when exactly will this drone be up and running, or flying, but industrial companies and utility providers may very well order some as son as possible. It’s also blurry as to how much would such a drone cost, but no one will care about that once this thing is out and available for purchase. Could you blame them?

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