Quad H2O Keeps It Waterproof

QuadH2O Waterproof Drone

DJI’s newest addition to their line-up, the Matrice 200 Series, is a big deal due to the IP43 water and dust resistance. Most drones have an IP rating somewhere around 00 and need to be landed at the first sign of a slight drizzle. Having an IP43 rating means drone crews can stay out in a light rain if they haven’t gotten their shot quite yet.

QuadH2O is a drone manufacturer based in Worthing, West Sussex, UK, and they’ve designed a body that is sealed, water-tight unit – the brushless motors are exposed but can run if wet or underwater. The QuadH2O product line is definitely for you if you plan on having your drone signing in the rain.

The QuadH2O comes as a kit that starts off at $849, or as a Ready To Fly unit from $2895. The unit comes with a built-in FPV camera and 5.8ghz transmitter, NazaV2 flight controller, and an attachable Black Pearl monitor.

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Some might remember the HexH2O, which promises up to 25 minute flight times, 2-kg payload capabilities, motor failure redundancy, stabilized live video feed and the ability to handle water.

This unit has the option for an iPad ground station for tap-and-go waypoint flights, route planning, auto takeoff, and landing, Does this sound familiar in any way? There are more options on the market, some quite pricey, but the QuadH2O lineup looks to be awesome. Now, how about entering the Earth’s orbit with a drone? That might actually be cool!

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