RESTUBE Is The German Way Of Saving Swimmers

I love swimming, and just as with any other activities, beginners struggle while a professional low on energy or after a bad day can equally feel overwhelmed. The question is: would a low-flying robot help?  The Germans certainly think so, especially since this drone is packing a self-inflating flotation device, capable of keeping the swimmer afloat in time for lifeguards to get there for the heroic part.

Microdrones joined forces with the German Lifeguard Association to design and develop RESTUBE, a rapidly self-inflating flotation device meant to keep swimmers calm and safe until the rescuers arrive. Since we’ve all came to realize that  drones will play a significant role in our lives, why would water rescue operations be any different? The video below shows a demonstration that took place this summer, and probably only reveals a small slice of the vision and potential of future lifeguards. Feel free to check it out!

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