Robocop Has Got Nothing On The Police Heavy Drone Unit

Yes, I am obviously old, but aside from lame jokes and critics on the futuristic movie character invented sometime in the 1980s, his flying machine right here would make for a fine companion for Robocop. The Police Heavy Drone Unit was inspired by worldwide drone popularity, and if police forces all around the world are willing to use electric cars the likes of Tesla to catch bad guys, why wouldn’t they make use of an electrical-powered flying machine?

This unmanned aerial vehicle is what Maciej Frolow has imagined, a true helper designed as a conceptual surveillance drone for both air and land. This thing would pack smoke or gas grenades, pursuit lights, and more – depending on the job description. Now, it may be clear by now that this drone is all fiction. Nonetheless, the design is more than interesting, especially from a visual point of view. We do know that every component requires is available at this time, which means that the 4.2-meter long drone might be surveilling you in the near future. May not look as menacing as the aforementioned movie character, but that doesn’t mean this thing is any less capable of putting the bad guys in their place.

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