The Russians At ARDN Enter SKYF Onto The Cargo Market


I doubt most of you know about Russian technology firm ARDN and its existence, but it seems that it has some very big plans – as usual, everything is big with the Russians.. Jokes aside, it seems that the company has been working on a new design of crone, one capable of carrying a payload of up to 250 kg – or 50 kg over a distance of up to 350 km. That seems like it has Musk’s hand all over it’ but, it doesn’t. The SKYF unmanned will supposedly brag about vertical take-off capabilities and it seems it was designed and developed in close consultation with potential users, from logistics operators to the oil and gas industry.

According to ARDN, they have managed to separate the lifting and steering functions of the flying machine, allowing it to use its gasoline powered rotors directly rather than resort to expensive electric circuitry.

The large drone, 5.2 x 2.2 meters, was designed to be ready to fly right out of the box – or, within ten minutes of unloading. The SKYF has been under development for three years now, and the realddeal will be seen by some of us really soon. It remainds to be seen whether European or even American companies will put it to good use or whether competitors will trump the Russian offer with an even more capable and impressive drone.

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SKYF Drone

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