Selfly Makes Phone Cases Really Useful

Selfly Case

Does anyone remember when the customized phone cases got everyone excited? It’s been a while and, to be honest, I don’t really care> I was just asking because I never understood all that craziness about colorful and kitschy cases, but now there’s a point to the protective coating most phones use and probably need.

AEE Aviation Technology’s Selfly is a phone case that turns into a drone; why? Well, because it can and because it’s cool. Before you even ask, I should mention that this thing will not be flying around while holding your phone. Feel free to visit the official webpage for more information and details or simply back up  the concept on Kickstarter.

It will, however, protect your phone will not hovering above the ground, which it will do for as long as four minutes. Packing a serious punch and promising to be fun and entertaining, the Selfly will be available for $130 – two batteries included. I’m thinking some of you might be interested in this product; I know I am!

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