The Skydio R1 Drone Gets Compared To DJI’s Autonomous Tricks

Skydio R1 Drone

The all-new Skydio R1 autonomous drone has been flying around for a while now, and Casey Neistat was quick to post a short review of the R1 flying machine – feel free to check out the video below. If not, we are more than glad to share the basics with you. The Skydio R1 drone is not the smallest of devices; made out of aluminum and carbon fiber, this thing is light and quite sturdy – that, in my book, sounds like the perfect combination. What of the technical specs?

Skydio R1

There aren’t that many details available. The artificial intelligence and fully autonomous flying ability of the Skydio R1 drone were put to the test, and the great Lance Armstrong was game; he got involved and executed some complex maneuvers.

At one point, the Skydio R1 seemed to stop, back up and go around the tree without any input from the pilot – now, that’s something worth talking about. Is any other drone is as capable and able to avoid obstacles?

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It would seem that the Skydio R1 is going to give DJI flying machines a run for their money. Too large to fit in a backpack and not capable of coming apart, this drone is far from being perfect.

New Drone: Skydio R1

There are no positive remarks regarding range, and we all know it’s rather difficult to control a drone from the smartphone screen. The Skydio R1 is not really affordable, yet there is a lot of potential for improvement. Would DJI fans go another way, at least once?

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