The Snipe Nano Will Get You Combat Ready

Snipe Nano Drone

Want to fly a military drone? Sure you do, and the Snipe Nano may be just what you had in mind. Designed to help troops achieve their mission, this drone will be available later this year. Portable, rapidly deployed and packing dual cameras, the quadcopter is already taking orders from the military.

The Snipe Nano provides an eye in the sky for troops on the ground, keeping them from harm’s way. Please note that the Police and other first-responders will get first dibs on ordering the folding drone, which seems like a good idea. The drone is ready for action right out of the box!

Snipe Nano

Designed by AeroVironment for close-range intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions, the Snipe Nano promises about 15 minutes of flight time, speeds up to 22 mph and the dual UHF and SDR radios.  

New Drone: Snipe Nano

One camera offers night vision, the other does not.  Rugged and durable, the drone is controlled via a small tablet screen, there is a robust looking user interface with all the controls one would imagine – anyone else remembering all action movies ever made?

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It takes a few hours to learn how to fly this thing but, once that’s over, enemies be damned.

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