TBS Vendetta – The Supreme Racing Drone

TBS Vendetta Drone

We’ve mentioned this racer before, but this is a new day and a new reason to get it into focus. The TBS Vendetta is an FPV drone part of a fast-growing sport, a unique design featuring a uniquely molded carbon-fiber concept. A 4-axis CNC machine allows the frame to show off a smooth look, but there’s more to the complexity of this flier than tha,

TBS Vendetta

It’s a safe bet to assume that the Vendetta is pleasing to the eye. The ergonomic drone is based on a completely modular design including motors, arms, and cameras. This means you won’t crash and burn, you will crash and replace.

The swappable arms, with integrated motor wires running through them that plug into the frame, is a pretty cool idea. All of the electronics in the Vendetta are top quality all in one place, inside the TBS Power Cube – a flight controller, four ESC’s, power regulator, current sensor and a power distribution board.

TBS Vendetta Racing Drone

The Vendetta is available now for pre-order, starting off at $499. For that kind of money, you will get one of the best flight controllers, an OSD with current sensor, four overpowered 6S capable ESCs, four cobra motors, and the power to rule all.

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