The Bat Bot Might Scare Off Ozzy Osbourne

You remember the scene, even if you’re not a Heavy Metal or Black Sabbath fan – Ozzy Osbourne made Rock’n’Roll history when he bit an unconscious bat’s head off. As horrific as that may sound, or look, this device right here would probably scare the Prince Of Darkness. Flying robots are out there, and although most of them are somewhat industrial looking, the B2 – “Bat Bot” – seems to make a difference.

B2 resembles the flying capabilities of bats, with this creepy contraption scary enough to make even the toughest guys run home to their mama. According to scientists, bats wings have 40 degrees of freedom, but it was the bat’s featherless wings that inspired this device. Their anisotropic wing membrane skin cannot be replicated, and so the researchers had to settle for a flexible silicone membrane; it’s so thin it’s almost transparent. This robot can be programmed to adjust according to the needs of flight, capable of flying straight while flapping its wings, turn, and even dive. Open wide, Ozzy!

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