The Foldable DJI Mavic Pro Will Have To Wait

Some of you might be a bit dissapointed by this bit of news, but the fact of the matter is that the foldable DJI Mavic Pro drone has been delayed. Able to fold to the size of a water bottle, this device was supposed to ship preorders mid-October, but that did not become a reality.

Sure, some might say that the shipment is but a week late, but those of us eager to enjoy the product have already started complaining on Twitter, in Facebook groups and message boards. Will it have any effect? The Mavic Pro is light, fits in a backpack and is smart enough to follow  people around – which explains why it’s so popular.

DJI hasn’t been clear about why the shipment is delayed, which is why people are upset. Sure, DJI has released a statement, there’s no real explanation as to why people are still waiting on their toys. I mean, those of us who preordered the Mavic Pro paid in full for the aircraft, and $1,000 is not really ice-cream money. Not cool, DJI; not cool!

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