The Hover Passport Self-Flying Drone Is Out

The self-flying camera drone developed by Hover keeps in line with the promise of delivering camera and AI technology capable of following you around and take photos and videos. The Passport is the company’s first camera drone, on sale for $549 – $50 cheaper than the $599 retail price.

The compact Passport is foldable and weighs in at just half a pound; about the size of a book while up in the air and about the size of a VCR tape when resting, this thing is capable of delivering 4K videos thanks to a 13MP camera, although it’s more like a flying selfie stick.

You should keep in mind that the WiFi connection will drop once the drone gets farther then 60 feet away, although the sonar sensors and a downwards facing camera that takes 100 pictures a second will gladly work hard on making up for that. Hover comes with stabilization features, with the company recommending shooting in 1080p and not 4K in windy situations.

The built-in flash helps with group or solo shots, suitable for Instagram postings and not for bragging about stunning aerial shots As mentioned before, Hover developed a drone packed with AI modes – follow, 360-Spin and Orbit – which need no more detailing.

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Images credit: Techcrunch

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