The Intel Falcon 8+ Is Designed To Take On Industrial Jobs

Intel has now entered our very favorite universe, by revealing their fully branded drone – it is named the Falcon 8+. Designed for industrial jobs, such as field inspections on construction sites, the Falcon 8+ weighs only six pounds and flies faster than most toys on the market.

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 35 mph the drone is controlled via a waterproof cockpit, thanks to a joystick and tablet – no surprise there, considering this device is meant to be robust and handle serious jobs when required. Few people research or are interested by the commercial and industrial drone scene, but it’s well worth mentioning that there is no single dominant drone maker.

You would expect Intel to go big, regardless of their domain of interest, but since they are so busy with various other gadgets, technologies and smartphones = feel free to check out the video below, we can only conclude 2 things:

  1. it’s natural for them to be one step behind, although we expect them to make up for it;
  2. the moment will come when Intel will be on top of their game and on top of our shopping list.
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In the meantime, the ready to fly Falcon 8+ is keeping busy!

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