The Y6S Drone Is Thinking Big

Y6S Drone

…OR fast, however, you choose to see it. Traveling by plane has been constantly improved upon, with flight times shortened every year and flying accommodations sometimes so outrageous you could very well live in a place – the latter option is only available to those with some very deep pockets and a taste for the finer things in life. Are you one of those people?

Nonetheless, there is always room for improvement, and some may also remember the hard times and time it takes to reach the airport in the first place – this is what this article is all about. A UK-based company is developing an autonomous passenger drone that could supposedly transport passengers from Central London to Heathrow Airport in 12 minutes. Does that sound good?

New Y6S Drone

Autonomous Flight should begin testing the autonomous Y6S drone this year, getting us a bit closer to aerial cabs becoming a reality.  Sophisticated tech and guidance systems implemented in contemporary aircrafts will be implemented and upgraded to handle the actual flying, and I think it’s safe to assume there will be no in-flight movie on offer – or, will it? Sure, owning a personal jet and having your very own driver take you everywhere you want to go sounds way better, but this could very well become the average Joe’s entertainment.

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