Trump Decides FAA Registration Is A Requirement

FAA Registration Is A Requirement

Whether this is a good thing or not, that is not for us to decide. However, this is news: although the Federal Aviation Administration introduced new rules requiring owners of small drones to submit their devices and a judge in the D.C. Circuit shot down the rule earlier this year, US president Donald Trump decided that the registry is back on.

According to an FAA spokesperson, the authority welcomes the reinstatement of registration rules for all small unmanned aircraft. It would seem that this might actually help promote safe and responsible drone operation within the country, although not to everyone’s liking.

Just in case you forgot, the registry requires all drones weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds be entered in the database – just like the picture above exemplifies. The FAA put registration and operational regulations in place to ensure the safety and peace of mind of everyone involved, including those of you that have nothing to do with drone flying and are simply going about their lives. Who’s to comment this is a bad decision? I guess any toy may be potentially hazardous to your health and privacy, especially if it’s able to fly.

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