Who Knows Where Your iPhone Comes From?

Drones for iPhone

If you’re looking for an answer to that question, the recent news might shed some light on the subject. We all know that smugglers are quite innovative, using all of the means at their disposal to avoid laws; they all get caught eventually, but the lesson to be learned is this: these guys really raise the bar in terms of technology and ways of using it.

For example, a group of smugglers in China put drones to a different use, at least a different one compared to what we’re used to, by having them smuggle almost $80 million worth of iPhones from Hong Kong to China’s technology hub of Shenzhen.

According to authorities in Shenzhen, 26 suspects were arrested for using drones to fly two 200-meter fables between Hong Kong and mainland China. They then smuggled refurbished iPhones valued at $79.8 million. Now, that’s a lot of money, I don’t care who you are.

According to local news reports, this is the first time in China where drones were being used to facilitate cross-border smuggling – at least, the first case we know of. China introduced some strict rules for drones last year to prevent incidents of drones crossing into the flight paths of aircraft – just think FAA but of Asian origins.

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It would seem that did not scare anyone, at least not these smugglers; which is why Shenzhen customs is now on the lookout; they are going to use drones themselves to keep it all legal. Will these flying machines be armed? I wonder.

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