Yamaha YMR-08 Is A Limited-Time Offer

Yamaha YMR-08

Yamaha and their agricultural or industrial drones is not really a hot subject, although it might be worth your time. For instance, did you know that the company will begin with limited sales of their industrial multi-rotor drone? The Yamaha YMR-08 was designed with agricultural use in mind, and those of you who need it may acquire one starting June. Anyone here living in Japan?

Limited sales of the YMR-08 industrial multi-rotor drone is what the company has to offer, for now. The unmanned aerial vehicle will spray cultivated fields such as rice paddies – one hectare per 15-minute flight.

Yamaha claims to spray more than one million hectares per year, which covers more than 40% of the Japanese rice paddy fields. Smaller fields, however, is what this thing was designed for – helicopters just won’t do anymore. Call it a fad or evolution of agriculture; one thing’s for sure; this drone has arrived, so why not put it to good use?

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Those of you who know a bit of physics and a little about drones will easily understand why the Yamaha YMR-08’s rotor layout was designed to provide strong downwash near the position of the nozzles.

Lightweight, thanks to carbon hybrid rotors and well-balanced carbon fiber monocoque shell, this industrial drone might just inspire the future of personal transportation and UAVs everywhere. For now, it will aim at keeping you all well fed.

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