How About Some Drones For Pet Photography?

With the risk of starting a debate or provoking the wrong conclusion, I have to admit: I am not a pet person, or whater you call them. To me, if a domestic animal has no purpose or practicality about itself, it does not diserve to

The Pacific Drone Challenge Looks Towards The Horizon

.. And I mean, literally. The Pacific Drone Challenge is a contest designed to push the limits of commercial drone flight. This is a modern response to Charles Lindbergh, allowing manufacturers to compete in order to find the answer to this question: who can make

The Attop XT-1 Clocks In At $55

If you’re thinking that this drone reminds you of something, you might just be right. This is yet another Mavic clone, one that just might fit those of you on a tight budget. The Attop XT-1 quadcopter displays the same foldable concept while packing way

Boeing Breaks The Limits With The World’s Biggest Octocopter

This is Boeing’s first cargo drone prototype, and it’s already the largest octocopter ever made – what would you have the world’s biggest aerospace company do? Autonomous civilian drones are the future of commercial shipping, at least in their vision, which is why Boeing’s cargo

Delicious KFC Chicken In The Form Of A Drone

Don’t go telling all about keeping it fit, working out at the gym and eating healthy; we all know you order something delicious from KFC, from time to time. But have you ever kept the box as a souvenir? Next time you order chicken at

DJI’s Mavic Air Costs $799

Does that sound like too much? I highly doubt it, considering that each and every drone enthusiast has been waiting for this flying machine to arrive. DJI keeps its grip on the drone market by revealing the new Mavic Air, a cool device announced in

360Fusion Will Make Crashing Your Drone A Rare Occurence

Buying a drone is exciting, partly due to the technology involved in building these incredible machines nad partly due to the fun times ahead. Crashing into things, however, is not on everyone’s to-do list and is definitely not a fun occurrence, which is why Leti

DJI’s Osmo 2 Stabilizer Should Keep Us Busy For A While

DJI’s line of popular and best-selling drones have made the company name a household item. However, the company actually has other products, including first-person-view (FPV) goggles and a selfie-stick-like product called the Osmo. The Osmo Mobile 2 was designed to be used with smartphones, with