iPhone & iPad Users Might Appreciate These 6 Drones

Technological innovation has brought us closer together and the opportunity to really make use of technology and improve our lives. This can also translate into more fun, and drone pilots understand this better than the rest. Flying incredible devices at high speeds, with affordable costs and the ability

Anyone Else Looking Forward To GoPro’s Karma?

We all know GoPro is developing a drone called “Karma”, scheduled for release sometime this year. But other than that, does anyone know something more about this thing? Nobody outside of GoPro really knows any details,  with all of us having to make due with that teaser video for

The Tanky Is Fast And Ready-to-Fly

The result of a new drone startup receiving quite a lot of attention, Tanky drone was built for speed. This FPV racer comes ready to fly and is supposedly capable of reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph.  However, this drone brags about more than top speed, with its nice touches making

Up to 70% from DJI.com: DIY drone flight controllers

DJI is grateful for your support throughout these years, so to express their thanks they’ve launched a special promotion offering up to 70% off of their professional and DIY drone flight controllers, giving you what you need to build your own drone.

The Feiyu Tech Summon Is An Impressive Package

The new FY Summon has got people talking, with interesting features such as a 3-axis stabilized handheld camera bragging about a 16 megapixel graph sensor, 4k video recording at 25 fps and a 2″ HD display; have I mentioned the 95 degree distortion corrected lens? And of course, the $399 price-tag

Amazon Prime Air Takes To The Skies

The United States Patent Office issued Amazon with a multi-use UAV docking system patent last week, thus proving that Amazon Prime Air is more than a simple dream and that said vision is closer to reality each day. The potential delivery drone infrastructure should allow urban areas to benefit

The Huanqi H899 Quadcopter Takes Your GoPro On A Ride

The Huanqi H899 quadcopter is a new toy meant for aerial filming  and advertised as powerful enough to lift GoPro and similar action cameras. The question is this: would you take your $450 GoPro Hero 4 Black camera on a $75 ride?  There are two versions of the Huanqi H899 available, with a $150 (check today’s

The Cardinal Surveillance Drone Will Keep An Eye Out For Trouble

The people at Cardinal Robotics has possibly envisioned  the future of home security. Their Cardinal Surveillance Drone is in a league of its own, designed to secure your home and monitor any suspicious activity while you’re away on business. That’s not a bad idea, if you think of it. On