America’s Got Talent’s is one TV show that always surprises its viewers, as well as the judges, and this latest piece of creativity supports that statement. Multiple drones graced the stage, as Japanese multimedia dance troupe Elevenplay used drones and lights to create a stunning visual performance. don’t jusst take

Brexit Will Not Affect The European Drone Advancements

There are some touch time ahead for Britain, and indeed the rest of the world. UK citizens have voted to leave the European Union, and this is bound to have some effect on commerce and, probably, the drone market. Although said dynamic environment has seen rapid gains in recent months, things

The Nissan GT-R Drone Lives Up To Its Name

All shall agree that the Nissan GT-R is one of the greatest vehicles to touch pavement in latest years. With that in mind, for the company to commission a special drone, capable of keeping pace with the high-performance GT-R, will make anyone’s day at the racetrack. The Nissan GT-R Drone was

Drones Capture The Reality Of Social Differences

This new project was dubbed “Unequal Scenes”, with Cape Town-based photographer Johnny Miller delivering some marvelous and probably unexpected results. We, people, refuse to acknowledge the social differences keeping us apart; but, sometimes, the truth will shall reveal itself when no one expects it. The aforementioned photographer made use of a

FAA Will Allow U.S. Commercial Drones

The FAA has taken its sweet time developing this set of rules; since 2012 they’ve been working on allowing everyone to benefit from small unmanned aircraft systems, for governmental and commercial purposes. As such FAA’s full set of rules has finally been completed by publishing Part 107 of Chapter 14 of the Code of Federal

Airobotics Shows Up With A Fully-Autonomous Drone Launcher

UAVs are already conducting routine aerial surveillance, changing the world around us; but they can only do this with constant human supervision. That’s about to change, thanks to the people at Airobotics and their autonomous drone system. This thing can fly and maintain itself, thus operating with virtually

Yuneec’s Typhoon H Drone Is Teasing With Some Pre-order Forms

The stylish-looking Typhoon H drone is powered by Intel’s coding power and engineering skills, and will only cost you $1,899 to own one. Featuring Intel’s depth-aware RealSense technology, Yuneec’s toy can now be pre-ordered, showing off Intel’s camera system to map its environment and avoid obstacles. That might come in handy, while

CRACUNS Is A Water-Friendly Predator

Experimental drones seem to have taken over our imagination and free time; whenever we look for new and exciting ways to spend the day, we look towards the skies. But, what if a more dangerous predator lurked below sea level? The CRACUNS is such an example, an interesting

The Dildo Drone Delivers A Hard Truth

Dronesbring war, shopping or simply fu into your life; but what about orgasms? A new drone seems to have been imagined and developed by a mysterious company called Dildo Everything, and it’s meant to make people’s lives a bit more enjoyable. Sure, it smells like a fake and a