Mito Is Also Interested In Your Phone

Since everyone’s focus around smartphones and their cool capabilities, it would make a lot of sense for your drone to do the same. I mean, virtual reality viewers like the Gear VR and it’s making it way onto the drone market as well. What if

‘Drone Week’ Is What Makes Rio 2016 Even More Interesting

Olympic partner GE is responsible for the ‘Drone Week’ event, where developments in data analytics, healthcare, power and lighting are on focus. High-tech drones will be taking over the skies above Rio de Janeiro, offering everyone a bird’s eye-view of Olympic venues and insight into unique technologies. Everything becomes

Yes, Drones Can Be Hacked

I wouldn’t have though of that and I can’t really see the purpose of it, but it seems drones can be hacked. Drone popularity has soared, which is probably why hackers have found ways to take control of the new technology in midflight,  A computer security

Flying A Drone With A Smartwatch Isn’t Always Fun

Crashing is easy, no doubt about t; but, is it fun? Well, possibly if you’re not the one investing in these exciting and expensive toys. Nonetheless, smartwatch-controlled Flypro XEagle drones are a challenge, to say the least. The XEagle just missed its $100,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, and that’s a

Drone Reveals The Circle Of Life

Whenever we think we know and understand everything there is to know about life, ours and the surrounding fauna and environment around us, life comes up with a surprise. For instance, we know sharks have little to fear, as they swim around through the oceans and dominating over all

3 Affordable Drones That Follow Your Every Move

Multirotor technology is delivering unique and interesting toys, such as the RTS Lab solution that saves drowning swimmers. It seems drones are crawling into our lives, in more ways than one there are some advantages to this technology, ones that we can’t even imagine just yet. I’m guessing action sports come to