Walmart Will Be Flying Over Your Head Really Soon

Walmart has finally decided to enter the market, and come up with a drone of its own. Walmart’s drone technology will be replacing the jobs of inventory quality assurance employees, which in turn means  reducing inventory check times from one month to possibly one single day. That

Riding The Hoverboard Looks Fun

Let’s forget all about our projects, work and the boss breathing down our necks. Instead, let us remember the Back To The Future movie trilogy, and their incredible vision about what technology would have looked like – it it were up to the directors and screen writers of

The Eachine Falcon 180 Will Get You Racing

Eachine have released the new Falcon 180 FPV Quadcopter, making everyone wonder if it’s good or not. Well, the Falcon 180 is great for beginners, since it comes with the basics to get you flying; it comes fully assembled and configured, and even includes an

The Walkera Goggle 4 FPV Glasses Allow For New Dimensions

The Walkera Goggle 4 features a 5-inch HD screen, and comes associated with a much more affordable price-tag than the high-end and expensive Goggle3. The Walkera offering now includes AV input/output, although that sounds like 20st century technology; I’m guessing HDMI input would’ve been more appreciated – at least to the DJI Phantom

This Nintendo Power Glove Takes Things To New Heights

Nintendo’s Power Glove is a hacker’s dream, because it allows for new uses and configurations that deliver exciting experiences and possibilities. This latest project makes for a cool toy controller, since it allows users to put quadcopters to goof use – in a fun way.

France Will Not Allow Drones To Disturb The Euro 2016 Events

Terrorist attacks have gotten French Police stepping on their toes and keeping an eye on anything and anyone. In their efforts to keep Euro 2016 a peaceful and enjoyable series of events, it’s been decided that drones would be considered unauthorized flying machine, in violation

Jason Eaton Talks Drone Racing

Drone pilot Jason Eaton opened up about the most exciting sector of the UAV phenomenon, specifically drone racing. It seems the stared flying drones back in 2011, when the CEO of the financial investment company where he worked at the time asked him to find a drone that could take bird’s-eye images

Tips On Keeping Your Drone In Shape

Treat your drone with the respect, and it will take care of you – just like with you car, bike, and probably women in your life. Jokes aside, if you’ve just bought your first drone, there are a few things you should consider with one of

DJI Focus Provides You With Fine Camera Control

Drone hobbyists will probably not care about this, but professional cinematographers will appreciate this technology, that might give their work a much appreciated touch. The DJI Focus is a control system, which allows remote adjustment of aperture and focus, allowing users to get those stunning aerial shots. Most of us are having

Drone Volt’s Janus 360 Creates Its Own Reality

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology that has created quite a stir among professionals and enthusiasts, alike. Although it has dramatically improved in the last few years. people are not sure just yet where is this heading and what are its main advantages, but the