You’ll Have To Wait A Bit More For The GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro announced its first ever drone; this was last December, and everyone went crazy the second they heard that. However, the Karma is a highly-anticipated device set to be released sometime about now, but it seems that the drone’s release date has been pushed back, and it will probably

The Walkera F210 Was Built To Impress

The new Walkera F210 mini-quad racer looks like it means business; it seems to be a drone with a purpose, and that purpose is to make your day. The FPV racing world is evolving faster than we can talk about it, with new designs and

Focus Your Attention On FlyPro XEagle

Images credits goes to The FlyPro XEagle quadcopter is actually here, after almost two years; it’s well worth mentioning that the XEagle Pro is still under developing and should be available starting this September. Some might say that the most attractive feature of this

Check Out Xiaomi’s Mi Drone

There’s no surprise this drone came into our lives , although Xiaomi is a brand best known for its phones. Regardless, the company has revealed the Mi Drone, a 4K camera-equipped toy reminiscent of DJI’s Phantom series. Associated with a 2,999 yuan ($460) price-tag, this

6 Tips Drone Users Might Appreciate At An Event

Drones were a military man’s tool, or at least that’s how it all started. Having been brought into the consumer sector, it was not long until the event industry found various uses for the unique and interesting toys. If you’re a drone enthusiast, and you

DJI Has A New App With Integrated Facebook Support

Facebook announced back in April that live-streaming capabilities would be coming to DJI drones. Now, DJI makes everything come true with their new control app, available for iOS users; it supports Facebook Live streaming capabilities.  This means users can actually stream their fun moments through Facebook’s video streaming platform. As such, drone

What To Do Before Going Racing

Drone racing sounds exciting, but it isn’t all that easy, as pulling up a chair and starting playing on your PC. We’re going to focus on what you need to buy and do before going out, speeding and doing tricks. (Use the comment section and

6 Ways Of Extending Your Quadcopter’s Flight Time

Quadcopters are well aware that their toys will stay in the air somewhere between 3 and 20 minutes, depending on the model and the price-tag. However, owners can take steps to ensure more fun is to be had one a single charge, and we’re here to tell you about them.

The Cheerson CX-36C Glider Feels Like Fun

The Cheerson CX-36 family now has a new member, keeping in line with the dragonfly theme – the Cheerson CX-36C. This drone features the camera at the front and brags about a low profile. According to the company, the CX-36 series comes in 3 versions: