Make Use Of DJI’s Phantom 4 Active Track

What is Active Track? Active Track is one of the new features available on the Phantom 4, allowing users to track subjects automatically – sans a GPS reference – thanks to advanced image recognition algorithms. The same feature is useful if you plan on orbit around subjects, without

Hexo+ Drone – Follow And Film Above

Another day, another cool drone to try out. Hexo + is a drone that autonomously follows and films above the user, which makes your life easier and videos worth watching – even by you. The included app is used to adjust the desired settings, set the

Why Is The DJI Matrice-600 Drone Worthy Of Attention?

People are getting really excited about owning and playing with their drones; they usually take things a bit too far and brag about the cinema quality footage they can get from their drones. Usually, we ignore such statements, since it proves to be bogus; but

PowerUP FPV Paper Airplane Drone

We’ve all dreamed about creating the perfect paper airplane, one that not only flies great but looks cool as well. The PowerUP FPV kit lets you turn paper planes into remote-controlled flying machines that have cameras on them, and they can be controlled in virtual

Phantom 4 vs. Phantom 3: Which Is Best?

Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between the Phantom 4 and the Phantom 3 Professional? Well, we’re here to make it all clear. But, first, let’s go ahead and mention what are the things to consider when making such a choice: obstacle avoidance sleep and

Take A Trip Around The World With ‘AIRTime’

It’s Monday, the day we all fear and hate; bad jokes aside, I’m well aware you’re all reading this post from behind your work desk or, possibly, from your lunch break. Daydreaming about a trip around the world may be permitted, but actually making plans