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A Closer Look At The DJI Osmo Mobile 2

You may remember this one, we’ve talked about it before. Well, there is now more to talk about, such as the £129 price tag; sure, the feature list is long, but I guess that’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever we think about

2016 Cool DJI Releases

This has been quite an exciting year for DJI and drone enthusiasts everywhere. Obviously, their releases do not cover the entire creative and work efforts the company puts in for us to enjoy their products, which is why we decided to focus on the brand

DJI OSMO And The iPhone 7 PLUS Are A Perfect Match

The new iPhone 7 has got everyone talking, although small issues have already been shadowing the device. However, it makes for a perfect match with the DJI Osmo, and there are a few reasons that make that obvious. Intense sunlight could make shooting videos outside a struggle, but the iPhone 7

The DJI OSMO+ Is Today’s Bonus

It’s Friday, so we all deserve a bonus for making it through the week. DJI’s Osmo handheld camera stabilization system has been updated and Osmo+ comes with an integrated zoom camera. With 3.5x optical and 2x digital lossless zoom, the camera benefits from a focal length ranging from 22mm to 77mm. Please note

DJI Osmo Is Yours If You Want It

The DJI Osmo is a handheld gimbal that promises unbelievable smooth drone footage to the ground, and it’s now up for grabs. The company has decided to sell the Osmo for $559 (check today’s price), with DJI surprising everyone with this interesting product. This thing isn’t meant for drones at all, and was